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Soft Skills That Will Set You Apart

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

A week ago, I wrote a post about Soft Skills.

Today, I edited that post to hopefully make my point come across a little easier.

Here is my edited version:

There are many things in life that demand hours of dedicated practice.

Examples of these include mastering an instrument, getting a degree in biochemistry, or becoming an accomplished athlete.

Because so many skills like these require years of study, it is easy to become discouraged if one is not on our resume.

But don’t worry! Soft skills are just as critical, if not more so.

Soft skills are personal attributes that enable one to interact effectively and harmoniously with others and are considered talents that are especially essential in the workforce.

Being able to place yourself into some of these soft skill categories could increase your chance of receiving a job.

To prove it, I decided to make a list of skills that require absolutely no talent and will help anyone stand out.

Being on time and prepared - all time is valuable. By being late and unprepared, you’re portraying that your time is more valuable than someone else’s.

In the words of my old manager, being 5 minutes early is on time, and being on time means you’re late. Knowing that arriving late to work would lead to getting fired, this rule lit a fire under us all to always show up on time and ready to work.

Being high energy - Being high energy does not particullarly mean “loud or hyper.” To me, being high energy involves putting the extra effort into being amiable, personable, and creating an overall better “vibe” in any workplace establishment. High energy is not just a personality trait; it is a skill that employers desire because all business is better with compelling, likable people. When working as a server, my inexperience could have hindered me, but because of my high energy approach, I soon became highly valued by my customers, coworkers and manager.

Being coachable - Leaving room for the possibility that you may not know everything about everything is vital if striving for growth. From a young age, my father always instilled in me the lesson of being a sponge rather than a rock; soak up every bit of information you can to improve yourself. I made many mistakes in my first several months of waiting tables, but my willingness to take advice from others helped me grow. Although sometimes frustrating, staying open to advice can greatly benefit you. Being coachable can be as simple as closing your mouth and opening your ears. Take constructive criticism as a compliment and use it to improve your craft.

These soft skills, along with many others, landed me a serving job with zero restaurant experience. Every workplace environment desires employees who come into work on time with a good attitude and ready to learn. Make yourself one of those people by working on your soft skills and advertising them as you would any other talent.

Your employer can train you to use Excel, but having these positive, driven, and motivated character traits are necessary for success.

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