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Social Media Is Not The Bad Guy

Mindless scrolling has become an epidemic. 

We can easily spend hours of our day staring at a screen wasting away the day and turning our brain cells into garbage. 

Guilty of this myself, I made steps to cleanse both my accounts and my mind of all distractions that could potentially keep me from becoming my best self.

Changing the way we use social media can be as simple as unfollowing accounts that bring negativity into our lives. I like to call them enabler accounts. 

These accounts are any pages that distract you from using your time wisely. It is best to be cautious of who and what we allow into our lives that could potentially bring negativity and bitterness into our minds.

After unfollowing the pages that bring us down, it is time to find and follow pages that elevate us to our highest potential. Whether it be pages that post motivational quotes, health and wellness tips, or your favorite artists, follow what inspires you to better yourself. 

Since doing this, I found that I am not interested in scrolling too long because I have been motivated to work on something positive.

Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts that have cleaned up my feed:







Moral of the story:

Don’t use social media less; use it more intentionally. 

Think of it as a diet. What are you consuming? 

Be mindful of what and who you allow into your space because your environment influences your experience.

Follow those that bring you happiness, teach you new information, and inspire you to put your phone down and live your best life. 

Protect your peace.

Get rid of toxicity.

Cleanse your space.

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