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How I'm Becoming the Best Version of Me

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Take a step back and look at your life. 

If you could change anything, would you?


When asking myself these questions, I learned a lot about myself and the things I would like to change in my life. 

I decided to create a goal chart of “Less < More” as a daily reminder to always continue bettering myself.

When making this chart, I came up with personal, work, emotional and health-related aspects of my life I could alter that would make a difference in my day to day. 

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The goal of life is not only a pursuit of happiness but to refine who you are as a person. 

Self-improvement is a lifelong endeavor where making yourself a better person tomorrow than you are today is the main idea.

Most of us just want to achieve our goals as quickly as possible without thinking about the work that must be put in. 

The only things needed to be successful in anything are small daily steps in the right direction.

Some of us put good work towards our goals, but forget about the importance of the small steps over the big ones and end up eventually slipping.

When setting our goals, it is important to remember that slipping is inevitable, as everyone will plateau no matter what the goal may be. 

Remember, hitting a challenge and having to take one step back after taking a few steps forward is still progress. 

Use this to your advantage. Hitting challenges will give you opportunities to learn, so when this happens, take a minute to reevaluate your goals and make sure to make the next steps more effective.

I challenge you to make a “Less vs. More” chart to see what next small steps you could make to better yourself!

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