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How To Write The Perfect Thank You Note

Southern etiquette, like many American traditions, is continually threatened by the changing tides of time.

Growing up in the south, the importance of etiquette has been a constant in my day-to-day life. It has taught me many skills that have benefited me in both my personal life and in the workplace.

One of the most valuable lessons ingrained in my head from a young age is the importance of writing "Thank You" notes.

During holidays and special events as a child, even before I was able to read and write, my mother would walk me through the steps of why we write "thank you" notes and help me to create them.

She would draw out all of the letters in dashes and get me to connect the dots until the note was complete.

By doing this, she was instilling in me the importance of the activity and the effect it has on maintaining relationships with people in one's life. Though some might think a "thank you" note from a toddler is trivial, today, when I receive a thank you note from anyone, especially a child, it always makes my day and usually ends up on the refrigerator.

Whether thanking someone for a gift, their time and effort, or meeting for an interview, taking the time to thank someone with a handwritten note is not just an act of kindness but is also a very professional gesture.

Here are some tips and tricks anyone can use to write the perfect "thank you" note.


Dear _______


  • Thank you so much for…

  • I just wanted to send a small note to say thanks for…

  • Where do I begin? I can't thank you enough for…

  • Your gift of ______ was so generous…

  • We're so very grateful for…

Make it personal:

  • It was so great to see you again.

  • I loved catching up with you!

  • You know me too well; your gift was so perfect.

  • Your support has meant the world to me.

  • I'm so grateful for your friendship.

  • I appreciated your taking the time to meet with me.


  • With heartfelt thanks,

  • With gratitude,

  • Warmly,

  • Kind regards,

  • Warm wishes,

  • All my love,

  • Much love,

  • Sincerely,

Living in today's world, I realize that it is not always practical to send a handwritten note.

In cases like this, an email is perfectly acceptable, however, I try and reserve these mostly for informal meetings and appointments.

For example:

Hey, Sarah - Thank you for meeting me for lunch today. I enjoyed catching up with you and hope to do it again soon!

Expressing gratitude with a "thank you" note is a simple gesture, but one that adds a personal touch and leaves an impression on the recipient that goes way beyond the words "thank you."

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