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How To Run Ads in Business Manager

After we have taken the necessary steps in creating an online presence, it is important to understand the role that promotional ads and campaigns can play in taking your business to the next level. 

Unlike personal accounts, with business profiles, you can run both ads and campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, as well as track of all of the insights the ad or campaign has created.

You can build both Facebook and Instagram ads on your Facebook Business Manager account.

Here’s How:

Head over to “business.facebook.com

- Facebook is going to ask you to setup your account - name, number, etc / When done, click on the blue button that says “Business Settings” in the top right corner.

- After clicking “Business Settings”, you will be sent to a page that has a drop down bar on the left hand side. On that bar under “Accounts” will be a tab that says “Pages”. Click that. 

After clicking “Pages”, there will be a blue button next to the newly opened “Pages” tab that says “Add” - click that. This will take you to a menu of 3 options. 

  • If you don’t have a facebook fan page set up already, you will click the bottom option of the 3 that states “create a new page”. This will send you to where you will be able to create your new Facebook business page. 

  • If you are managing ads for another business, you will click the 2nd option that says “Request access to a page”. This option will send a notification to your client, which they will have to approve for you to gain access to their Facebook business page. 

  • If you already have a Facebook business page created, you will choose the first option of “Add Page”.

Now that a Facebook page has either been created or gained access to, it is time to connect to an advertising account.

- On the left hand side, under “Pages”, click on “Ad Accounts”

- Just like “Pages”, you will see a blue button at the top that says “Add” - click that

  • If you have never run facebook ads before for yourself and/or your own business, you will click the bottom option of “create a new ad account”. Facebook will then walk you through the steps on how to do so. 

  • If you are working with a client, you will click the second option of “request access to an ad account”

- Once you have your ad account, you will then see on the main page a button that says “Add People” - click on that and then add yourself. Why? Good question. Facebook just wants to know who has access to the ads created on your page - that includes yourself. 

Time to create a Facebook ad campaign!! 

- Go to the very top drop down button in the top left corner that says “Business Settings”, click on it. 

- You  will see under the tab “Create & Manage” the option for  “Ads Manager” - that’s what you’re looking for. 

- There will be a green button on the far left that says “Create”

- Facebook will then ask you your marketing objective. (engagement, sales, views etc.) - after selecting your desired objective, hit continue.

- The next screen you come to is all about targeting. You are now choosing who all is going to see your facebook ad. (location, budget, etc.)

- After selecting your audience, you will be able to select a video or image to be the face of your ad campaign.

- You’re now focusing on selling yourself and/or your client to your target population. Fill in all of the info about your ad and what exactly you are offering!

- Hitting the green confirm button at the bottom of the page will officially launch your first facebook ad!

You can decide to only run this ad, or you can make others to cross reference the data.

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