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How I Learned to Set Myself Apart

There are many things in life that demand hours of dedicated practice. 

Examples of these include mastering an instrument, getting a degree in biochemistry or becoming an accomplished athlete. 

Skills like these involve years of hard work, hours of dedicated practice, and lots of money spent on perfecting your craft. 

Because so many skills require years of study, it is easy to become discouraged if one is not on our resume. 

But don’t worry so quickly. 

I decided to make a list of skills that require absolutely no talent to prove to you that you have what it takes to stand out in this world.

All of these skills are used not only in daily life but also in the workplace.

Employers want to hire people who can place themselves into these categories, so take the time to brush up on these skills. 

  • Being on time and prepared - All time is valuable. By not being prepared, you’re portraying that your time is more valuable than someone else’s. No one wants to wait for you. In the words of my grandfather, being 5 minutes early is on time. Being on time means you’re late. 

  • Making an effort - Always give your best effort no matter the task. It shows that you care. 

  • Being high energy with a positive attitude - This is not just a personality trait. It is a skill that employers desire and clients are drawn to. 

  • Being passionate - Passion allows you to grow and accomplish more with a drive to push yourself. It is always evident if passion is not involved in what you’re doing. 

  • Using good body language - Your gestures, movements, and expressions are visible to the world. Let them be good ones. 

  • Being coachable - Leave room for the possibility that you may not know everything about everything. If striving for growth, always stay coachable. 

  • Doing a little extra - Going the extra mile will show your dedication to your work. Going above and beyond what is expected of you will always be noticed. 

  • Having a strong work ethic - Put in the time and effort. It always pays off in the end. 

  • Being honest - Not just with yourself, but with others. 

Take this list and build on it. 

What other skills can you think of that require no talent? 

Give yourself the best leg up in life and work on these soft skills that will set you apart from some of the most talented people out there. 

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