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Fish and Visitors Stink After Three Days

Not too long ago, my house was bombarded with loved ones.

It’s a wonderful thing to be visited by friends and family.

Living by the beach, this happens to my husband and me a couple times a month in the summer.

We have had our fair share of good and bad visitors, and by having these experiences, I have learned how to be the perfect guest.

If you are visiting someone this summer, here are some tips and tricks to make your loved one STILL love you by the end of your stay.

Help out around the house

When preparing for visitors, most people make sure their house is spotless before your arrival. This is not just for your comfort in their home, but also for the homeowners to “impress” their visitors. Try to help keep it presentable.

Since your host so graciously has welcomed you into their home, the least you can do is offer to help out with household duties.

Even if your host declines your help, offering is the respectful thing to do.

Here are a few examples:

  • Bring a small gift for your host upon arrival or send something after you leave.  A hand-written thank you note is kind and memorable.

  • Your host may be cooking dinner for everyone one evening, Instead of sitting back and letting them slave away on your dinner, serve you, and clean up your mess, you should offer to help with at least of these tasks.

  • Make your bed and keep your room presentable - Though it seems super simple, this is an easy way of showing respect to the room you have been allowed to stay in.

  • Do your best not to clutter any shared spaces - This rule goes for any room in the house, especially the bathrooms. No host wants to walk around clutter that isn't theirs.

  • When getting ready to leave, the small chore of stripping your bed and gathering your dirty bath towels in a pile in your room is appreciated by every host. Take 5 minutes and surprise your host with the small action that helps get their house back to normal.

Offer to pay a tab

If going out to eat, offer to pay for their dinner. They are letting you stay in their house for free. The least you could do is pay for their dinner to thank them!

If you don’t go out to eat, run to the grocery store to buy some dinner fixings.

This gesture is equally as nice! (Just make sure you play a part in fixing it and cleaning up!!)

Be Independent

More often than not, your host will have a job, appointment, or an errand to run during your stay.

Your host should not feel like your babysitter.

Be independent.

Know when to leave

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting a friend, your great-uncle Scott, or your own parents - people want their house back.

Don’t overstay your welcome!

The old quote rings true - “Fish and visitors stink after three days.”

I hope these tips will help make your host miss you when you leave and not thank the good Lord above that you have finally left their humble abode.

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