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When building a new brand, I believe the best place to start is social media. 

Be discoverable! The bottom line is, nobody is going to know who you are unless they can find you. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, if your brand doesn’t exist on the internet, it may as well not exist at all. 

When I started this process I knew that I needed 2 things: a brand name that was not only catchy, but more importantly, original.  After checking to make sure that I was the only “Dan’s Wife Avery” out there, I dove right into the creation process. 

*How to build a Facebook business page*

- Before building a Facebook page, you must have a personal account 

- Once logged into your personal account, you will see a small arrow in the far right corner that points down. Click that arrow.

- After clicking the arrow, you will see a button that says ‘Create Page’ 

- Once you have chosen to create your page, you will now have to choose your page type - there are 6 categories to choose from. Click the one that best describes your business. (When I did this, I clicked Musician/Band)

- From here, you will begin to fill out the required information. 

When finished, click the ‘Get Started’ button. 

- You can now add some more details to your page - profile picture, cover photo, bio, etc.

Post things that show who you and/or your business are. Be honest. Be original. 

- Once you’re ready for your page to be seen by your colleagues, friends and family, notify them by inviting them to like your page. 

- Now you can start promoting your business! 

*How to build an Instagram page*

- Download the Instagram app 

- Create your account with either your email or phone number. You can also log in with your Facebook account (logging in with Facebook automatically links the two together)

- Once you’ve created your new Instagram page, you will notice that it is by default a personal page and not a business page. 

(The difference between a personal and a business page on Instagram is that the business page setup will allow you to run promotions and ads while also making it so you can see the insights to every post you make.)

- For our goal, we need to switch from a personal to a business profile. To do this, you will see a settings menu in the top right corner of your device - scroll until you see “Switch to Business Profile.”

- After selecting, you can now add details to your page by adding a profile picture, bio, etc.

To do this, click the button that says “Edit Profile”. All of your editing options will be listed there for you!

- Invite people to follow your page, and in turn, follow pages that inspire you!

- Time to begin filling your gallery!

Check out the Facebook and Instagram accounts for "Dan's Wife Avery"

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