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Collaborative Efforts

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Collaborating with others is a great way to expand your following. 

Collaborative efforts can be made with anyone - business owners, photographers, even people in your own field.  

”Dan’s Wife Avery“ has been very active in the small town of Berlin, Maryland and it’s community. In doing this, we have established trust with many venues and local businesses. Collaborating with these venues could be as simple as using our following to promote their venue for a future show, and having them do the same in return. This could be on social media, or even through newspaper and radio ads. With just a little bit of effort from everyone, not only will venues gain attention (and potentially new customers), they are scratching your back at the same time. It's a “win-win.”

Events like these could be as basic as the one I just described, but can also include multiple parties. Let’s say the venue happens to have a professional photographer for their event. Don’t leave without getting their information! Perhaps this photographer gets pictures that you would like to use to promote your business. By them tagging you on social media, there is a possibility of gaining new followers from their network. In return, you can reciprocate by sharing their posted pictures and giving credit to said photographer to hopefully further expand their network as well. 

I chose this example because it recently happened to us at a wedding we played. Since the photographer tagged us in their post about the wedding, we received 4 new follows on our Facebook artist page.

Here are two of the photos that were taken at that wedding by SMDi Photography out of Salisbury, Maryland.

A different collaboration situation most recently made by “Dan’s Wife Avery” was with 4 time Grammy Award winning guitar player, David Grier. 

David was planning to come visit over a long weekend before heading north on his summer tour. I saw an opportunity to arrange a few gigs for David during his visit to not just make him a couple extra bucks, but to also continue spreading awareness and “buzz” about our duo around town.

My first step was to contact a few local business owners to see if they had any openings for such a well-known name. 

As a result, both our local winery and coffee shop jumped onto the idea of having such an accomplished musician play at their establishments, but only had availability with days back-to-back.

Our market audience for a show like this is rather small and there wasn’t much time to advertise. With these potential gigs being less than 24 hours from each other and only 5 miles apart, it didn’t make sense to have David play 2 concerts. 

I decided that if both venues wanted him that badly, we could try something a little different to switch up the target audiences. With that in mind, two separate events were created.

The coffee shop gig turned into a 2 hour guitar workshop for fans and aspiring guitarists, and conversely, the availability at the winery became a concert. For the workshop, my target audience included all of the local guitar players that would hop on the chance to even breathe the same air as David Grier, let alone take a lesson from him. 

This class would cost each in attendance $40. 

The winery was offering a free show for David with reservations required for the evening.

Dan and I didn’t net any pay from these gigs, but we did strengthen our relationships with both businesses while also managing to help out our close friend.

Aside from it being fun, both businesses were thrilled to have a musician of David’s caliber in their establishment for the first time, and we were similarly blessed to be able to add performing and working with David to our resume.

Pro-tip:  Anytime you work with someone relevant in your field, it just makes you more relevant. For the venues we worked with, it was the same.

With both businesses in agreement of the new plan, everyone involved now had to work on a marketing strategy. This included the coffee shop, winery, both Dan and myself along with David and his management team. 

The winery has their own marketing manager, and thankfully she was willing to work with us and let me give her a couple of ideas about how to use our local following to further promote both events. 

In the end, we had two days of great music and even picked up a gig!

Here’s what we came up with for social media

Here’s what the winery put in the newspaper

Here are some pictures from both events

On What Grounds? Berlin, MD 6/10/19

Windmill Creek Vineyard & Winery Berlin, MD 6/11/19

Here’s a video from the show at the winery


When making collaborative efforts, it is important to make it organic. 

They promote you, you promote them.  

It makes the world of business go round.

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