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Blogging Challenge, Day 1 - July 2019

I am a participant in Praxis, a college-alternative apprenticeship program that is helping me build a solid portfolio of work to showcase my skill sets and to help me gain a paid apprenticeship position at the end of my 6-month “boot camp.” 

At the beginning of my Praxis journey, I was suffering from major “imposter syndrome” before my boot camp even began. I started questioning myself and wondered if I was even smart enough to handle the obstacles this new adventure would undoubtedly throw my way.

After reaching out to a Praxis advisor, I was given peace of mind and the pep talk needed to get me in the right mindset to push through my mental block. Though I did not tell this advisor that I was considering dropping out, it’s as though he was reading my mind and saw my potential through my veil of self-doubt.  

In the end, he helped me realize it wasn’t worth giving up on myself that easily. 

Every Praxis module throws you into what feels like the great unknown. 

These modules consist of tasks that feel insurmountable on day 1, but by day 30, you’re feeling as proud as a peacock. 

In just 2 months of boot camp, my trust in myself and my confidence in my abilities have skyrocketed. It’s not that I wasn’t confident before, but that I now have some experience of the process and what it takes to build my career as a capable business professional. 

I’m so thankful I decided to stick with Praxis. This program has given me so much in just a short period of time and I am growing daily into the businesswoman I want to be. 

Currently, I’m beginning module 3; the writing module of the Praxis boot camp. 

For the month of July, I will be releasing content daily to my personal website, www.averycaton.com,  to get into the habit of daily creation and begin to overcome my perfectionist mentality and my crippling writer's block.

Having a deliverable every day makes all of these listed tasks essential:

  • Time management 

  • Creative thinking 

  • Being quick on your toes

  • Keeping your writing relevant

Keep up with me and my journey as I begin to hone my writing skills!


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