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Art in Everyday Life

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Look around you. 

What do you see?

Maybe a child playing with a water hose out in their front yard, a beautiful flower garden with sunflowers bigger than your head, or a loving elderly couple holding hands walking down the street. 

These are all examples of art in our everyday lives. 

Art is evident everywhere we go both literally and figuratively and can make us feel all types of emotions and inspire us to do more in our lives. 

I went on a walk with my mother this morning where I was touched by some pieces of art; some literally, some figuratively. 

I’d love to walk you through the things that inspired me to write about this.

I live in a small, historic town on the Eastern Shore of Maryland that in 2015 was named “The Cutest Small Town In America.”

Berlin, Maryland is flooded with beautiful, old homes that emanate history just by looking at them. While on my walk this morning, I studied every detail of every house in our 3.5-mile loop. Front doors, spindles, wrap-around porches, you name it. There was one house specifically though that really spoke to me. The Taylor House, a 19th century home in the historic district of Berlin, Maryland has a stunning stained glass window on the second floor. The morning sun was perfectly kissing each pane of colored glass alluring me to imagine what life would be like back then. My thoughts ran wild as the imagery rolled through my head. I wonder what they would think of how we live now?

Continuing on our walk, my mother spotted an old graveyard. We both have always been fascinated by the intricately carved stones holding the names of those that came before us. 

A cemetery is a place where you can see the evidence of our mortality. There was row after row of headstones and other markers showing names and family ties. You KNOW that all these people have died - some lost very young, some very old, while others all ages in-between. You, on the other hand, are alive and walking amongst them. You have a future, a purpose, and the warmth and love of friends and family.

These thoughts can be comforting.

Cemeteries are the perfect place to inspire you to live the life you have to the fullest every day because you never know how much longer you have.

Circling back to my house, my mother and I were admiring all of the hard work the Berlin homeowners have done to their yards with their pristine lawns, overflowing hanging baskets, and perfectly potted plants. In mid-sentence, I received a gift from the heavens in the form of a warm purple mess landing on my shoulder. I gasped as I was trying to grasp what had just happened as my mother had no clue why I was stunned! Once realizing a humongous bird had just relieved himself on me, my mother and I shared a laugh hard enough to make us both lose our breath. While a rabbit’s foot or a horseshoe are traditional objects related to good luck, the bird poop is too! Although I was covered in a disgusting mess, I knew I had some good luck coming my way!

The Taylor House with its gorgeous architecture and stained glass window, the cemetery and it’s ancient carved headstones and unique names, and the bird droppings and laughter shared with my mother that created a forever memory, all represent art in different forms. 

So next time you’re out, slow down, take a breath and remember to pay attention to all of the beautiful things around you. 

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