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Ad Overview & Results

Ad Overview 

While figuring out how to build my Business Manager account and create my first ad, I hit a lot of speed bumps along the way. I was so intimidated by this task because I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. 

I tackled the task at hand and spent a whole day’s work watching tutorials, reading advice, and finally getting to the point of understanding Business Manager..

When I posted my first ad, I used a picture of a poster that I created on Canva (Canva.com) to promote an upcoming show with “Dan’s Wife Avery.” After posting my ad, Facebook approving it, and finally seeing my finished product, I realized what an awful mistake I had just made. My cropping of my Cava poster was too close-up. Every form of the ad, (Facebook posts, Facebook stories, Facebook messenger, Instagram posts and Instagram stories) were ALL SQUISHED AND COMPLETELY ILLEGIBLE! 

Naturally, I began to panic. I had just spent all day working, and I butchered it!!

I flew into action and quickly aborted the campaign. 

Once I realized the problem of my image being too small, I re-aligned the poster to a better shape. 

I am one who believes everything happens for a reason…

Not only was this a learning moment for me to remember for future ads and to also teach others about, I saw something before posting my newly cropped ad that made my wheels begin to turn. I saw an option to run what Facebook calls a “split test.”

A split test is basically running one ad against another with the same budget and the same target location. 

By the end of your testing period, you will come out with two sets of insights and be able to compare which one tested better. 

After some thought, I decided that split testing was something I should add to my project. It would teach me more than just running one ad!

Here are the two ads that I came up with!

Ad 1 was made light and airy, showcasing a picture of a fiddle, while Ad 2 was made with a  darker color palette, showcasing an image of a guitar. 

Like I said, the same ad, but completely different. 

I created them both with the program Canva (Canva.com) using their poster layout.

Ad Results

I ran the split testing of these two ads from June 18th - June 21st with a budget of $2 a day.

With my budget, funding was split evenly between the two ads. With each ad receiving around $1 a day, the total cost of running my campaign was $8.

The ads were supposed to be up and running the morning of the 17th, but due to the wait time of Facebook’s approval process and my mistake of cropping the photo too small, I had to completely start over and lose a day. 

Here is a Key to the results that I will be talking about so we’re all on the same page!



Combined Results of Both

When split testing ads on Facebook, Business Manager will make it feel like a game. The winner of the game is the ad that makes the most impressions while spending the least amount of money. 

In my case, Ad 2 won - barely!

They both placed pretty well and I was honestly hoping for a bigger difference of outcomes to see which style my demographic liked better.

With our small town of Berlin, MD being right outside of the tourist hub of Ocean City, we get a lot of economic overflow. Most of our target demographic in the summer consists of tourists in the OC area looking for something a little different than a typical beach holiday. Knowing this, I made my target location a slight bit larger than I normally would for a small town to reach possible tourists driving through the area.

Both ads were popular with both genders and a variety of ages, but were most popular with the 18-34 age demographic. 

See below:

I learned a lot in running these ads. Not just how to run them in general, but all of the things I would do differently in the future. 

Next time I will take into consideration the time it takes for Facebook to approve my potential ad, spending more money depending on the amount of days my ad would be running, and taking design into consideration when it comes to future ads and campaigns with the information I learned from running this split test.

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