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5 Traits I Want to Improve in Myself

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Time Management - I have the habit of being a major perfectionist and focusing too much on one project until it’s 100% “ready for the runway”. This trait of mine is a blessing and a curse. I am glad that I refuse for shoddy work to be put out for the world to see, but it also stretches my patience when I always find myself down the last second to get every last thing perfected. After realizing this trait, I am currently working on setting away enough time, plus some, to continue to be my perfectionist self and still get all my work done with time to spare.

A Need To Compete - Sometimes I find myself feeling comfortable where I am. I’ve found that some of the most successful people are never “comfortable” and have the trait of constantly thinking of ways to “one-up” not only their competition but themselves. By asking myself “How can I improve?”, I have come up with answers pretty quickly. (That is actually how I came up with the 5 traits I am writing about right now!)  Some ways I can improve may be simple tasks while others may be projects that take months, but I am learning to continually compete with myself to create the best outcome in everything I am a part of. I have never been one to compete in anything other than a sport setting so I decided that I need to start seeing everyday life as a Virginia Tech vs. University of Virginia basketball game… That should do the trick!    GO HOKIES!!!

Keeping Track of Accomplishments - This is something that shouldn’t be too difficult, but for some reasons I have so many hesitations when it comes to this task. My current mindset that I am in the process of breaking is “that isn’t very important. I don’t need to document it.” Here’s the kicker - every accomplishment is important… even the teeny tiny ones! I strive to continue to break this thought process. If I don’t keep track of my accomplishments, no one else is going to. It’s an act of responsibility to myself.

Risk Taking - My whole childhood, I had a wonderful imagination. Always thinking of new projects and ideas. As I’ve grown, my imagination has become stunted. My anxiety has many times gotten the best of me and has hindered my creation of content due to the thought of “What if it sucks?”. Although it is scary, I remind myself that what I am feeling are growing pains. You can’t progress in anything in life without growing. I have begun the task of tackling my anxiety and that is just the beginning. I can’t see what I create once I get out of my own way!

Consistency - The word ‘consistency’  is vague. What am I trying to be consistent in? Everything. In the past I have found myself taking on a task and working extremely hard to complete it. After finishing, I am so proud of all the work I put in, I decide a break is deserved. Sounds normal, right? To an extent, sure. What has to be kept in mind is working hard for a week and then taking a week off will not yield the results that you are after. This thought process could be used for anything - working out, eating right, anything business related - But managing consistency at the professional level is a whole new ball game for me. I do not know what it looks like, but what I do know is that I am learning. I will take this growing trait with me and continue to apply it to everything I do to strengthen it daily.

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