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5 Project Ideas

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

For this week’s Praxis deliverable, we are preparing for month 2 of bootcamp. Month 2 involves creating a project proving skills and traits we want to show to potential business partners. I am looking to show my personal, organizational, and social media skills.

Here are my 5 initial project ideas.

1. I could schedule a meeting with a local business to sell myself and see if they would allow me to take over the marketing side of their business. I have a business in mind and know what they need the most. I would hope to discuss a plan of building a website with a precise calendar of their scheduled events and improve their social media presence overall. I would like to document this process with blog posts and videos.

2. I have a music duo that I am currently building from the ground up with my husband called “Dan’s Wife Avery”. If I chose to do this project, I would document building this concept; website, social media, the works. I would make sure to showcase all of the gigs we have that month, along with all of the other gigs we picked up due to advertising and connections made. The main goal of this project would be to gain relevancy by word of mouth and through social media. I would also like to document this project with blog posts and videos.

3. My third idea would be to design, purchase and sell my own product - perhaps merchandise for my music duo. I would create a website for this merchandise, advertise, and sell it, documenting the process.

4. I currently run a Lyme disease awareness blog and Instagram page for my brand ‘Lyme Life Revealed’ (LLR). LLR has gained a decent amount of followers over the years and I could, and should expand my social media presence. My project for this would be to create a facebook page, practice using facebook ads, and maybe even start a vlog series on the topics that I write my blogs about.

5. My 5th and final project idea is to talk to one of my past employers and offer to write documentation on how to train new hires. When I was brought on, I had a very difficult time learning the ropes and since I learned the hard way, I know the perfect way to document the job in a way people will be able to teach themselves the job.

Out of all of these ideas, I think I am leaning toward the 1st or 2nd one. I feel that those projects would showcase all of the skills I am trying to convey in the most concise way.

I am looking forward to next month of boot camp and can’t wait to post more updates!

Stay tuned


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