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Dan's Wife Avery

Over the month of June, I began the process of creating a new brand identity known as ‘Dan’s Wife Avery’. Based in America's Coolest Small Town, Berlin, Maryland, this brand is for my newly founded acoustic music duo involving myself and my husband. In doing this project, I hope to highlight my entrepreneurial abilities while also attempting to demonstrate my versatility in the business world. 

After careful consideration, I’ve outlined what I believe to be the necessary “first steps” in developing a new brand as a music artist.  Through my work in the month, I explored the business practices needed to build a sustainable brand, and also earned experiences necessary to achieve success in any field.

So what have I learned?

Check it out below!


Here's what I learned


I tackled a big to-do list with this project.

I learned how to:

  • Design 

  • Handle money

  • Run Ads

  • Become and stay organized

  • Work with other people

All while learning how to teach others what I learned through writing.


Along with the skills I developed this month, I also learned about myself. 

Between practically living on the road the whole month of June, planning a wedding, suffering a loss in the family, and preparing for upcoming gigs and shows 2-3 times a week, my schedule was already full before adding the workload of this project on top. All of these bumps in the road could’ve easily thrown me off track, but I was determined to not let that happen, and I’m so glad I stayed committed to my goals.


Honestly, over the past 3 weeks my confidence in myself has shot up completely.  I’m beginning to recognize that I’m not only capable of learning tasks quickly, but also, that I have the tools to deliver what is needed to succeed in any project-driven arena.  I know this because I proved it to myself by doing this project.





Why did I do this project?


I thought focusing on my brand “Dan’s Wife Avery” would be a good project because it gave me a little bit of my own skin in the game; if I didn’t make good business choices, I was shooting myself in the foot. 


Not only was it personal, I knew that if this project was done well, it would give me the platform to demonstrate the many entrepreneurial skills I’ve worked so hard to develop.




What now?


Well, just because you asked…

“Dan’s Wife Avery” is hitting the road on our first ever cross-country tour!

So far, our tour is starting out in my hometown of Radford, VA on the 26th of July.  

From Radford, we’ll travel back to Maryland for shows on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of August, after which we will promptly return to Virginia to spend a few days in the mountains at the world’s largest fiddlers convention in the world, The Galax Fiddlers Convention. From there, my husband and I will embark on a cross country trek to Minnesota for a radio show,  a few potential house concerts, and another music festival where we will be camping with some of the largest names in Bluegrass Music - Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, and The Clay Hess Band, just to name a few. 

We plan to make our way back to the East Coast at the end of August, just in time for Labor Day Weekend!


Needless to say, I think we’re going to be exhausted! 


I will be doing all of this while continuing my Praxis Bootcamp before beginning my apprenticeship with an awesome start-up somewhere in the US!





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